Baby Yoga

We use gentle Hatha style yoga stretches and poses.

You will feel relaxed and refreshed through lots of deep breathing, releasing tension and working on some toning of the abdominal muscles.

Suitable for mums after 6-8 week post natal check up, c-section mums it is advised to wait until 12 weeks as you need to allow yourself to heal before doing these exercises.

This is a yoga class for baby too as you will be doing some stretches with baby’s arms and legs, including putting baby into lotus pose! Expect lots of swings and dips!

Yoga is good for baby as some of the moves help with creating body awareness, development of muscles, balance and coordination. It helps to stretch out their muscles and some of the leg moves can even improve digestion!

So baby yoga is great for mum and lots of benefits for baby, while also having some fun with your little bundle of joy! It’s another lovely bonding platform that compliments baby massage!